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Furniture metal fittings Handle Plastering Tools

Update:02 Nov 2018

In ancient times, metal was only used as a decoration i […]

In ancient times, metal was only used as a decoration in furniture. Until the Qing Dynasty, metal realized simple functions in furniture (mainly wooden boxes, cabinet locks, edging, hinges, etc.). Today we simply talk about the classification of furniture metal fittings.

According to the use, it is divided into: panel furniture hardware accessories, cabinet hardware accessories, office furniture hardware accessories, sofa hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories, etc.

According to the material is divided into: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, ABS, copper, nylon, etc.

According to the role is divided into:

1. Structural furniture metal fittings: metal structure such as glass coffee table, negotiation of metal legs of round table, etc.

2, functional furniture metal fittings: such as riding, hinge, three-in-one connector, slide rail, laminate support, etc.

3, decorative furniture metal fittings: such as aluminum edge banding, metal pendants, metal handles, etc.

According to the scope of application: panel furniture metal fittings, solid wood furniture metal fittings, hardware furniture metal fittings, office furniture metal fittings, bathroom metal fittings, cabinet furniture metal fittings, wardrobe metal fittings and so on.