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Hand-made enterprises can open up a new world

Update:13 Oct 2018

Looking at the gap between international tool companies […]

Looking at the gap between international tool companies and Chinese tool companies
In terms of scale, foreign companies are large in scale. For example, Schneider Electric is one of the S&P 500 companies. Its products include hand tools and power tools, automotive diagnostic and repair equipment, diagnostic technology and related products, which are widely used in automotive, aerospace and other commercial fields. China's tool companies are mostly small in scale, and the product line is not rich enough. The typical “more than strong”.
From the perspective of strategic planning, the products of world-class companies often give people a very clear impression. Our tool companies are over-competitive, and many domestic manufacturers and brands are not prominent in their main businesses, and their core competitiveness is poor.
From the brand point of view, foreign tool companies have become internationally renowned multinational companies, and most of China's tool companies are silent in the international market.
Technically speaking, we have a big gap with multinational companies. They all have design capabilities and processing methods. They have advanced design reserves, and our technology is seriously lacking.
In terms of talents, many foreign companies are producing in China. They pay more attention to the Chinese market. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese market, foreign manufacturers hire high-paying Chinese localized talents and are willing to pay for information. Chinese tool companies have to go out to expand overseas markets, but they lack international talents and people with rich trade experience.
From the service point of view, foreign manufacturers are based on the laws of the country where they are located, and the service is very standardized. The after-sales service of domestic enterprises is mostly not in place, or basically no after-sales service.
Of course, domestic companies also have their own advantages, such as high familiarity with the market and a better understanding of the local cultural background, so it is more likely to establish their own brand. As long as we establish effective information channels and rapid response decision-making mechanisms, establish a good reputation, and provide users with quality products and perfect services, Chinese hand-made enterprises can also open up a new world.