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Hardware products focus on environmental protection

Update:16 Nov 2018

China is gradually becoming a major international hardw […]

China is gradually becoming a major international hardware processing and exporting country with huge market and consumption potential. China's self-developed various types of daily-use hardware products rank among the top in the world and have achieved good economic benefits and reputation.

Bitu believes that: Hardware companies want to demand development and seize opportunities, must understand the future development trend of the industry, and make corresponding upgrades and changes.

Trend 1: Focus on environmental protection and energy conservation, develop green technology

Nowadays, low-carbon environmental protection has become an inevitable trend in the current trend and the development of various industries. As a resource-consuming hardware industry, the low-carbon environmental protection policy will be upgraded to a very important level. To promote the environmental protection and energy-saving development of the hardware industry, we must focus on the principle of “reduction, reuse, and resource utilization”, focus on reducing resource consumption and waste emissions, actively implement preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of national resources, and carry out waste. Recycling of batteries, used household appliances, and old furniture, recycling of bamboo and wood processing residues, mining waste, sewage treatment plant sludge, and stainless steel processing waste.

Interpretation: In the future, the development trend of environmental protection and energy conservation will be more significant, new technologies will continue to emerge, and the greener the more money, this is already tacit in the hardware industry.