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Hardware tools must be kept in a safe place

Update:05 Jan 2019

Metal products in hardware products, the main problem i […]

Metal products in hardware products, the main problem in the storage work is to prevent corrosion. Metal corrosion is caused by chemical or electrochemical action of the surrounding medium. Hardware tools are classified into atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, seawater corrosion, and bacterial corrosion according to different media. Among them, atmospheric corrosion is the most common, because metal products are in contact with the atmosphere during processing, transportation, storage and storage, and there are always conditions for atmospheric corrosion.

It is customary to rust or rust a metal in the atmosphere due to corrosion or discoloration caused by oxygen, moisture and other contaminating impurities. After the metal products are rusted, the lighter will affect the appearance quality, and the serious ones will affect the use and even cause scrapping. Therefore, the hardware tools must be properly kept in the custody, pay attention to rust prevention.