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How to choose some hardware tools

Update:29 Dec 2018

1, hardware hardware hardware handle: used in the casem […]

1, hardware hardware hardware handle: used in the casement window. The main function is to press the sash against the window frame when the sash is closed to achieve the sealing function. Consumers should pay attention to observe that the surface is flat, burr-free, the weight of the handcuffs, and the surface of the coating is uniform. 2, hinge: used to open the doors and windows. Consumers can observe the hinge material when purchasing, and have copper, iron-plated copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extrusion materials, etc., and should not use zinc alloy casting hinges.

3. The sliding support of hardware of hardware tools: a device that supports the opening and closing and positioning of the casement window sash. Consumers should use stainless steel materials when purchasing. The surface should not have scratches, sharp edges, burrs and other defects. When the sliding support is opened and closed, there is a slight resistance.

4, the hardware of the hardware of the pulley: bear the weight of each sliding door and window, and horizontal movement. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to the material of the pulley frame and whether the pulley adopts needle roller bearing or ball bearing. For the pulley used for sliding door, the heavy-duty door pulley should be used, and the pulley of the sliding window should not be used instead.

5, hardware tools hardware half-moon lock: most of the hook lock between the fan and the fan. Consumers should use stainless steel or aluminum alloy to make it better.

Hardware tools are relatively common. And it's also easy to buy. However, everyone should also pay attention to keeping good hardware tools after using hardware tools. Even though the loss of some hardware tools will not cause any obstacles for everyone, but if the work you are doing is closely related to hardware tools, the importance of the hardware toolbox is self-evident.