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Proper use of common hand tools(1)

Update:15 Mar 2019

The chisel is often used in conjunction with a hammer. […]

The chisel is often used in conjunction with a hammer. Use a chisel that is large enough for a job; and choose a hammer that is large enough for the song you choose. The hammer for the chisel is preferably a wooden hammer or other suitable hammer.
Hold it near the top of the chisel. The way to hold the chisel is to hold it with your thumb and forefinger and palm up. This will prevent the knuckles from being directly hammered).
In general, the chisel selected will preferably have a cutting edge that is as wide or wider as the part to be cut.
When using a chisel, be careful to avoid the cutting direction and the people around you, and wear goggles.
The cutting edge of the chisel must be sharp. The hammer end of the chisel must not be crimped. With curling, it can break and fly out when hurting. As soon as the hemming of the hammering end occurs, it should be leveled immediately.
The chisel should be stabilized and must not swing back and forth. If the weather is too cold and the hand is frozen, do not hold the chisel. Especially people are hammering.
Never use a wood chisel without a handle.