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Proper use of common hand tools(2)

Update:23 Mar 2019

Regardless of the type of file, a suitable handle must […]

Regardless of the type of file, a suitable handle must be fitted before use. The handle should be tight and not cracked. Some people don't have a trowel handle, just use a tape to wrap a few stalks on the tang, which is very dangerous. The knives that are not fitted with the proper handles must not be used, and the ends of the tangs are sharp. When the knives suddenly stop when the resistance is stopped, the hand against the tang is likely to be stabbed. In addition, the knives without the handle are inconvenient to hold and force.
It is best to clamp the workpiece to be clamped to the vise. To prevent rough vise jaws from damaging the finished surface, use a steel cover or other soft gold material to cushion. Always keep the workpieces secure.
The blade is oriented in one direction, so use the blade to force it in one direction, that is, force the force of the subway knife against the workpiece, and release it when the file is recycled. Otherwise, the blade will become dull. The correct way is to lift the file away from the workpiece before it is recycled. This will help to extend the life of the file.
Never use a sickle as a crowbar. On the one hand, the end of the shank of the file is very easy to bend; on the other hand, the hammer material is brittle, perhaps a small bending force will also break the file. Of course, you can't hammer the sickle.

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