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Safe use of the hammer

Update:19 Jan 2019

The standard for the hammers that can be used is that t […]

The standard for the hammers that can be used is that the parts are intact, the hammers are not crimped and are firmly attached to the handle, and the hands of the hammer and the user's hands must be clean. Hammers with damaged hammers, loose handles or broken handles should be repaired and replaced in time. When repairing, be careful to apply some adhesive to the handle before adding a wedge. Never use a nail instead of a wedge.
 The hand should be held at the end of the hammer handle so that it will have strength when knocked. If the hand holding the hammer is close to the hoe, it is not only inconvenient to use, but also easy to hurt the finger.
When using a hammer, stick the goggles as much as possible. Especially nails; nails or other things that fly out, when you touch your eyes, you may be blind, touch other parts of the body, and easily cause injury. When nailing a nail, concentrate on it, otherwise it will hurt your fingers. When the nail is just nailed, you should hold the nail near the nail cap and gently tap the nail cap with a hammer. When you have nailed it in, the hand holding the nail is loosened and then nailed. In this way, the nail will not fly out and hurt people, and will not pick up the finger. It is too simple to use a hammer with a flat hammer and never use a round hammer. But often people make mistakes.
The handle of the hammer can only be used to hold the hammer, and it must not be used to knock things or when used as a bark.
To hit a hard metal, do not use a normal hammer, use a leather toe hammer or a soft metal hammer. Never use a hammer to strike a wrench or another hammer.
When using a hammer, hold your hand tightly and wave your hand to be particularly careful about the obstacles on your head. When waving, be careful not to injure people or touch other equipment.
Do not use wrenches, round bars, bolts or other equipment parts as hammers.
When hammering a workpiece to be clamped with a sledgehammer, someone must use a clamp or other suitable clamping device to clamp the workpiece, and be careful not to stand in the range of the hammer. The person holding the workpiece is at right angles to the plane of the sledgehammer, and both wear goggles. When swinging a sledgehammer, the key is to drop the hammer accurately, and you should also pay attention to the hammer handle not to touch anything.
Every hammer work has a hammer that fits it, and you must choose the right one.