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Safe use of the wrench

Update:15 Feb 2019

When pulling the wrench hard, stand with one foot in fr […]

When pulling the wrench hard, stand with one foot in front and the other in the back to prevent it from falling backwards.
Some dead wrench designs allow hammering of their handles. However, it must be clearly seen before use. When the hammer is hit, the handle should not be used directly. Some screws cannot be screwed due to rust. Bolts also have strength limits. At this time, add some penetrating oil or descaling oil. Wait a while and then gently tap the nut. After loosening it, swing the wrench back and forth, usually it will be loosened. Also pay attention to the screws that are not disassembled for a long time and that are easy to rust in the surrounding environment. Regularly apply some anti-rust oil.
It is forbidden to use a wrench on or around the running machine.
When using pipe wrenches. In addition to some of the above considerations, it is important to note that the pipe wrench jaws should be taxable and clean. To take the correct standing posture. The well team often removes the pipe thread and adds a long force bar to the pipe wrench handle, which is very dangerous. Some well teams have a hard time finding a pipe wrench with a handle that is not bent. What is your well team?
The workers were hurt when using the wrench. The main reason for the big Yang was that they did not grasp the wrench seriously. If they really take this and the most basic use, they will believe that any fool can use a wrench without getting hurt. Some people still need to learn how to use the wrench correctly.