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Safe use of the wrench(1)

Update:28 Jan 2019

The key to the safety of the wrench is to get rid of a […]

The key to the safety of the wrench is to get rid of a misconception; only the fool will be hurt when using the wrench. Some people use a wrench to cause an injury accident, which is really stupid, but it is not just a fool to use a wrench to get hurt.
Use the correct type of wrench crescent wrench, pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, socket wrench, etc. that is appropriate for the job to be performed.
To choose the right size wrench. Each wrench is marked with its opening size, and the maximum torque that a certain size wrench can withstand is constant. Using a wrench with a larger size is always better than putting a "bar". The dead spanner or casing wrench used must be exactly the same size as the nut.
Always check the wrench; if the jaws are worn or loose, if the housing, spring, and surface are broken, and if the handle is bent. Damaged wrenches must not be used any more and should be repaired or replaced immediately
Use a pipe wrench to pull the wrench instead of pushing the wrench. The fixed mouth of the adjustable wrench is stronger than the moving opening; the pulling force is concentrated on the fixed mouth. Therefore, the direction of the pull wrench should be the direction in which the workpiece is easily clamped.
The wrench must not be tilted to twist the workpiece. If necessary, use a corner joint or a socket wrench. The wrench should be in close contact with the workpiece. Do not use ordinary wrenches to replace special wrenches with special shapes for equipment. Never use the wrench as a hammer.