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The leading force for hardware companies

Update:30 Nov 2018

Focus on network promotion and open up market channels […]

Focus on network promotion and open up market channels

The success rate of the traditional implementation form of salesmen running the market is declining year by year. Under the rapid development trend of e-commerce, the advantages of the Internet are obvious. Through keyword optimization, self-built stations, and participation in industry channels, it has achieved good results and has received extensive attention from hardware companies. Today, hardware companies are actively pursuing network implementations, or combining network implementation with traditional implementation forms.

Interpretation: The network implementation will become the leading force for hardware companies to open up the market.

Products go smart, fit the needs of humanity

In the next few years, domestic hardware products will also move towards an intelligent and humanized development path. People's awareness of hardware products is getting stronger and stronger. The hot pot products, stainless steel vacuum flasks and the popular scooters that were produced earlier have gained infinite profit because they are more suitable for humanization.

Interpretation: In the future, some hardware products, such as construction, will be highly anticipated by the market if they are designed with simple devices and maintenance, and can be installed with their own products and tools.